02 December 2011

Why I Love Shutterfly

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This Christmas, I had a lot of presents to account for.  Because of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday extravaganza, I decided I would set this past weekend as my due dates for my Shutterfly projects.  Last year, I made a calendar for Duncan's parents with pictures of their family.  I also made my mom a calendar.  They loved it so much and Duncan says his parents would show everyone who came to visit during the holidays last year.  Score.  {So, if you're looking for a gift idea, nothing beats a personalized photo item ;) .}  This year, I decided to do the same, but for more people.  I'm sending a personalized calendar to Sicily and Scotland to show our gratitude for hosting us this summer.  I also did a photobook for my mom and myself of our European trip.  Lastly, I did some calendars for the friends of a good friend of mine.  

To sum up, I bought: 
2 - 8x11 Photo books with 5 additional pages and a hard cover
12 - Photo wall calendars

(my photo book covers + spine)
I had the following discounts: one $10 off coupon from a previous purchase, free shipping because my order was over $30, a free calendar because I receive their emails, and 50% off each additional of the same items (so 50% off one of my photo books and 50% off 10 of the photo wall calendars -- 10 because one calendar was free, and one had to be full price).  My total? $194.72.  This may seem like a lot, but considering these are my Christmas gifts to a few people and my friend reimbursed me for what I did for her friends, it was a good price.  Last consideration: without the discounts, with shipping and handling, and before taxes, my total would have been $379.84.

I ordered all these gifts on Sunday.  They were printed and shipped Monday.  The photo books arrived Wednesday and the calendars arrived Thursday.  I've bought several prints, photo books, and calendars from them in the past, so I wasn't worried about the quality.

One of my shipments from this week.
Last reason I love Shutterfly, I am able to give my clients their own personal website filled with all their images.  They are able to download the images straight to their computer in their full sizes, can order cheap prints straight from the website, and can show their families and friends.  I'm able to password protect the websites as well as customize them.  For my loyal clients, they have each of their albums from each session on one site.  This may be "cheap" as a photographer, but by my having a free platform to do this means I am able to charge less and save my clients some money by offering them a place to order their prints for cheap prices.  To top it off, you are have free, unlimited space to store pictures on these sites and on your account.  Perfect.

Part of our home page for our share site that we created to share the pictures from our trip to our family overseas.
So, enough of my talk on Shutterfly.  Check it out if you're interested.  They have sales and discounts all the time.  Though I stick to the calendars, photo books, and share sites, there are a lot more photo products available: cards, mugs, shirts, notepads, invitations, notebooks, blankets, wall art, and more --- (maybe I should be doing more of the other products, too...).

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