10 December 2011

Sometimes & Always #1

Sometimes I enjoy a nice cup of boiled water mixed with organic raw honey and a dash of cinnamon.  Delicious and extremely healthy (packed with lots of health benefits!).

Always do I leave my feet out of the covers when I sleep.  For some reason, they do not like being bundled up.

Sometimes I crave watching a documentary: nature, science, history, or medicine please.

Always am I willing to watch a great action or thriller movie.

Sometimes I am perfectly content eating a pb&j with milk.

Always will I accept an offer to go to Subway, Jimmy Johns, or Wich Wich.

Sometimes I clean when I can't sleep at night.

Always do I procrastinate cleaning when it is daytime.

Sometimes Often I fall asleep to a movie on the couch around 9pm.

Always do I seem to be daydreaming about my next "great" idea/project/craft/recipe/etc.


  1. I want to try the honey/cinnamon water! My throat is sore and that sounds soo good!!!

  2. I clean at night too! I love waking up in the morning to a nice clean room/house! :D
    I'll also have to try the honey and cinnamon drink next time I have a sore throat.

  3. I always clean at night, too!! My husband thinks I'm a total weirdo because I get this burst of cleaning energy so late! Hahaha.

    Thanks for linking up with me, love!!


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