31 December 2011

Sometimes & Always #3

Sometimes I steal Duncan's nude/tan socks if I know I'll be wearing an outfit with pants that reveal the socks I'm wearing with flats or similar shoes.

Always do my fur-babies warm my heart whenever I come home.

Sometimes when laying in bed if I can't sleep I sit there and wonder what the heck I am supposed to do with my arms.... I really should invest in something to snuggle with at night.

Always is it the perfect beginning to my day when I snuggles with my babies (namely Liam, the best snuggler in the world!).

Sometimes I walk in to a store with every intent of making it a "quick" trip ("in and out, Amy!").

Always will I leave said store two, sometimes three, hours later.  (Semi-embarrassing confession, it's normally Super Walmart (in addition to Michael's or Jo-Anns)! -- I have to go through all the sections to make sure I see all the great deals.  Some of my favorite and most used appliances are from Walmart and I love a great deal!).

Sometimes Duncan drives me crazy.

Always will he soon remind me why I'm marrying him, though.

Happy New Years' Eve!

Duncan & I have decided to not brave the crowds & traffic (plus, we're homebodies at heart) and are watching movies, cracking open a Moscato Asti Spumante (two of my favorite alcoholic beverages combined in one delicious drink courtesy of Barefoot), and maybe doing some light cooking while playing with Liam, Callie, & Shelby. 

We met up with some great friends last night and I'm hanging out with some family tomorrow, so I'm kind of looking forward to having a chill night (plus, my favorite NYE's have been ones spent doing little except enjoying whomever's company to which I am blessed with that year).

What are your plans to ring in 2012?


  1. I looooove Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart and Target are two of my favorites! :)

  2. i am the sameeee way about going into stores and either 1. staying WAY too long. or 2. forgetting what i was coming in for in the first place :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I try to rush in and out of Wal-Mart!! I hate shopping there! Haha!!

    Thanks for linking up!!


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