27 December 2011

snapshots : christmas 2011

ONE. ornaments
TWO. a quick picture of shelby girl & myself
THREE. (delicious!) penguin appetizers my sister made
FOUR. dominion, an addictive game
FIVE. my stocking i made when i was younger that hangs every christmas on my parents' fireplace
SIX. a close up of the smiths' christmas tree
SEVEN. sweetie pie callie on christmas
EIGHT. i made this delicious brie appetizer, i think i ate most of it because there was so many other appetizers to satisfy everyone else (some people didn't like brie...)
NINE. a long shot of the smiths' christmas tree (i really love the white tree!)
TEN. dice used to play yahtzee
ELEVEN. some sweet, adorable, friendly neighbors (who just so happen to have two little girls with british accents -- yes, because they recently immigrated) came to drop by british bisquits (cookies) and a starbucks giftcard.  um, talk about christmas spirit!  i would love to give them an award!  my family has plans to thank them :)
TWELVE. per request, i gifted dunx steve jobs' official biography on audio tape (so that he can listen to in the car on his long commutes).  i listened to some of it with him on the drive back to atlanta from his parents.  it's kind of really interesting.  we were learning about the very start up of apple.  yes, steve jobs was not the nicest man in any way, shape, or form, but he definitely concurred the technology world in a very creative and intelligent way (you do know he founded Pixar and is the reason we have personal computers in addition to many other feats).

Well, my friends!  That is my little sharing today of this past weekend.  It was nice having family for FOUR whole glorious days (my mom had off Friday and Duncan had a short day, then Boxing Day yesterday left everyone to sleep in and celebrate some more).

I brought down Shelby when I joined Duncan and his family for Christmas and she did SO well (since we are still house-training her).  His parents really enjoyed her since they are animal lovers, his dad was particularly smitten!

Lastly, today is the last day to enter my giveaway!



  1. Nice "recap" :) Your neighbors are so sweet to stop by with cookies and a giftcard - I would be so shocked and happy if that happened to me!!

  2. I love these pictures! It was so sweet of your neighbors to give y'all a gift!!


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