14 December 2011

Ornament Exchange :

The sweet Megan, from Mackey Madness, joined up with Julie, from the Smitten Mintons, to do an Ornament Exchange.  I was partnered with the smart, fun, and lively Jess from Pretty Physicist.  It was a lot of fun doing this -- even though I was so flustered from cleaning, rearranging, and life I accidentally had to ship my ornaments for Jess in two shipments because I forgot to put one ornament in the first shipment (it was hidden under a stack of papers on my desk from when I was cleaning it out).  

Here are my charming and just oh-so-perfect ornaments from Jess:

Oooh, I love them so much!  Thank you, Jess!

P.S. have you checked out Jess', Megan's, or Julie's blog yet?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I'm so glad that you love them! I was hoping that I'd be the first to give you engagement and/or wedding ornaments!

  2. Those are so sweet! I loved how personalized they are! Very thoughtful!

    Thanks so much for participating!! :)

  3. Awwww, those are adorable!!! I just love them!! How awesome that they are so sentimental!!

    Thanks for doing this swap with us!


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