20 December 2011

meet shelby


This is Shelby.  She is a Boston Terrier mix.  We (well, I) adopted her from the Atlanta Humane Society.  Duncan did come along, however, since this precious baby girl will be a Smith with me in 6 months (wow!).  She is so smart and such a little lover.  I'm working on training her (in fact, so is Duncan!).  I had a photo shoot on Sunday, so he decided to do a little training / playing of his own -- he tired her out!  It was grand and super adorable to see him love on her so well (he says she's a keeper).

P.S.  I let Duncan name her (mainly because he hated all my names and it will, after all, be his dog as well).  I'm 95% positive she's named after the Ford Mustang line of beauties (we both appreciate a fast well-built car).

P.P.S. I'm having another giveaway tomorrow.  
& boy, oh boy, am I even more excited for this one!


  1. Shelby is ADORABLE! Good luck with your new pup!


  2. Oh my gosh she is SO cute! I love the first photo of her! :)


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