16 November 2011

WW: Adding a Little Step

Considering I'm not sure how long I will be wearing heels on my wedding day, I would prefer to not be one of those brides who buys Jimmy Choos.  Though, I would like to buy something I would wear again (I love me some heels).  My MOH came up with a brilliant idea: nude colored shoes.  I came up with the preferences that my shoe has to have a bow (I love bows!).  Unfortunately, bows must not be in season (hm, it is autumn...).  Here are some beauties that I found in my budget:
This is light pink, but I kind of like it.
I like the first shoe the best: nude, lace, beautiful bow.  I believe these are the winner.  I might just see if the price goes down a little bit in the next month or so.  Some of my BMs love this one as well, but due to the price, something simpler and cheaper like this last pair might do the trick!  I just can't ask people to spend too much money on something they haven't budgeted for in their lives like I have!  And, you know, I think those glittery ones are a good runner up. 

Have a charming Wednesday! 
7 months and counting, my friends!

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  1. LOVE the first pair! I kind of want to wear them everywhere, with everything!

    ashley / afterninetofive.net


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