17 November 2011

Salad lunch prep

Salads are delicious.  I add chunks of ham, cranberries, some pecans or walnuts, and hard-broiled egg in addition to the peppers and tomatoes you see below.  I only use spinach because I don't believe in lettuce as a source of nutrition (plus, I love spinach).  I top off my salads with a low fat raspberry vinaigrette... mmm, mmm, good.  Anyways, it's a lot of work to make a salad each and every day at 5am before starting my day.  So I make it easy by doing everything on Sunday and Wednesday nights (you don't want to leave veggies in containers for more than a few days due to bacteria).  I'm sure many of you already do similar things, but I'm sharing with you my little tip for surviving lunches instead of the boring ole' turkey and cheese sandwiches.

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