25 November 2011

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello!  Since today is Black Friday and most Americans are probably out shopping for Christmas, I decided to compile my list of great gift ideas for this week's Friday Finds.

Amazon Kindle Fire.  My brother pre-ordered not one, but two, "just in case."  He's one of the go-to people in my family for technology and he was pumped about the Fire's arrival.  For $200 it's a great deal for a tablet, in my opinion.  Downside: there's no camera if you want to take pictures or video chat.  Personally, I'd prefer the $79.99 deal for the regular Kindle (ad-supported).  Purchase the Fire or the original.

Etienne Aigner Small Tote.  Deliciousness.  Need I say more?  A lot more than I would spend on a bag, but I think it's incredibly charming!  Plus, Macys.com has free shipping on orders $99+ and this bag is already discounted from $175.  Purchase it here.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga.  Many generations grew up on this series so now that the complete collection is on blu-ray/DVD, I think it's time to add this to some movie collections out there.  Think about this: movies can run about $15-25 and this box set has six movies and is originally $140.  That's an average of $80 savings if you think of it like that combined ($50 discount, $30 savings for buying set versus six individual movies).  Let the force be with you here.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  As a cook and someone who's currently registering for a wedding, I often go back and forth between the need of a stand mixer.  They are usually at least $300 and go as high as $600.  Those high prices convinced me that I'd rather just mix the good old fashioned way and that I have no intention of making any guest spend outrageous prices on something when there is an alternative that really isn't that bad for a fraction of the price.  With all that said, for $200 this might just be a great deal.  Friends who have stand mixers swear by them.  Other incentives if you buy through Amazon: free 5-7 day shipping and no taxes so it's $199 out the door (metaphorically speaking of course)!  So, if you have a cook you particularly love, consider the stand mixer here.

Lumix Camera.  With 16.1 megapixels, 720p HD video capability, built-in memory, 28 picture modes, great battery life, image stabilization, lightweight, and easy to use fuctionality, this camera maybe cannot be beat--especially for it's price.  There are many great reviews all over the Internet for this camera and I'm even contemplating it's necessity!  I love my DSLR, but sometimes I just want a small, lightweight camera to tote around so I never miss those important memories.  Again, Amazon has it's brilliant incentives (all I love Amazon!).  Purchase it here.

Lenovo Laptop.  The price is "out-the-door" with no added features, but Lenovo has been ranked #2 (following Apple) in the computer market this year and this is one of the cheapest prices I can across when comparing major computer manufacturers (some who offer comparable laptops for the same price).  I chose this because it offers a bigger screen for it's price range and it's very lightweight.  It comes with Windows 7 (which has really boosted the favorability of Windows computers--particularly for myself as a strict Mac user).  Other specs: 2GB memory, camera for webcam capability, 320 GB hard drive.  Possible downside: supposedly bad battery life (something that can be remedied with add-ons). Upside: free shipping.  There are also a lot of great reviews on the Internet for this ThinkPad X120e and I think for a writer on the go (or maybe even just a regular student), this could be a great deal.  Let them write their heart out here.

Okay, friends, that's all for today!  Have you entered my giveaway?  
Well, I hope you had a delicious Thanksgiving and are getting some great deals today!  Or, if you're like me and refuse to attempt to leave the house on Black Friday, I hope your day is as productive or as lazy as you need it to be!

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