20 November 2011

CMB: #7

It's been a long time since I've had a CMB post.  There's been a lot going on in the past month or so.  It hasn't been easy and I've noticed my motivation has dropped to almost nonexistent and my exhaustion has increased exponentially.  As I start trying to make necessary changes to help get myself back on track albeit all the distractions, and inspired by the upcoming holiday, I decided I should really be counting my blessings instead of focusing on the negatives -- and man, this is a long one today!

My family.
I consider them a constant blessing from God.  Families aren't perfect, but He gave me the family that I needed and I often find myself overlooking how important a supportive, present, dedicated family can be.  They are part of my Heaven on earth.

My friends.
With all that has been going on, I've definitely been neglecting some friends.  I've been so focused on school and everything else, that I can't believe it's already the middle of November!  However, it's so refreshing that they understand I've been MIA and that they love me and support my decisions--and that I need to hang out with them soon!

Man, oh man how I love my sleep.  I'm so exhausted some days that I just want to go cuddle up and nap.  And, though it sometimes doesn't help, sometimes it's all I need.

My future.
There are days where it's impossible to fathom what the future might hold, but I'm still an optimist deep down.  My struggles now are just preparing me for whatever His plan is for me, and that can be pretty powerful inspiration some days.

I love my hobby, I really do.  It must be somewhat therapeutic for me.  I had some jobs this semester and I love them and I loved editing the resulting pictures.  (Due to client confidentiality, I can't show them to you, but believe me, I had lots of fun!).

I know, I know, another food (but, hey, food's important, right?)  Well, I am on some new medication and one of the side effects is nausea.  The first week on my medication I had so much nausea that all I could manage for dinner was cereal.  I found some good ole' Cocoa Krispies and had maybe 10 bowls in 8 days.  Sometimes, all you need is a good bowl of cereal.  I'm glad I at least had an appetite for that!

Because of our busy schedules, Sundays are the only days Duncan and I have together.  It's nice having a day to catch up.  It stinks that it's Sunday and Duncan has work the next day and I have school the next day so we have to be lame and "retire" early from anything that we do.  But, hey, I'll take it!

Speaking of Sundays, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Duncan, especially since tomorrow is our three year anniversary.  He is my rock.  He is supportive, encouraging, and Mr. Fix-It.  He is a terrific man with a bright future and many beautiful dreams.  He's doing so well in his job, and I just couldn't be more proud of him.

My health.
I've been experiencing some health...issues lately, and sometimes it's nice to be reassured about the positive aspects of my health, as we all should.  

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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