04 October 2011

Atlanta Greek Festival

This weekend was filled with festivities.  Duncan's car broke down and we went looking with his parents for possible replacement options and to have dinner.  Then, on Sunday we went to meet up with friends at the Atlanta Greek Festival.  It was great fun spending time with them.  One of Duncan's longtime friends, Cody, was able to come and I hate how they aren't able to see each other as often as they used to, so we were all happy he was able to come.  Here are some pictures from the Greek Festival:
The altar(?) and pews inside of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation.
A view of the back.  What gorgeous mosaic craftsmanship!
Duncan, Cody, and his sister, Katie.
Myself with Katie & Katie
With Duncan in front of the Cathedral.
That bag is full of sweet Greek treats :)
What did you do this past weekend?

Enjoying the fall weather?
I've waited all year for it!

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