12 September 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Last week I had caught a bug and was feeling pretty rotten for several days.  But I was feeling better by Friday and Friday night a much-needed girls night was scheduled with two lovely ladies, with whom I went to the Shakespeare Tavern with here.  I also asked them to be bridesmaids so I was a little nervous and excited at the same time.  
Katie & Katie at dinner with their "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards. 
We drove to Downtown Roswell and went to a sushi & tapas restaurant & bar, called Zest.  
Hello, yum yums!
Me, Katie, Katie.
"Zest," the restaurant we ate at in downtown Roswell.
Then I introduced them to Cloud 9 Frozen Yogurt & Cupcakes.  I have no pictures from Cloud 9, but they agreed they were like the best cupcakes ever.   It was great being able to see them since we all are going in different directions in life and I know being in the nursing program provides me with little spare time.  In fact, I'm off to another week of school and hospital.

Have a mind-blowing Monday!

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