04 September 2011

CMB #5

This mini-vacation I have this upcoming week.
I know, I know, only two weeks in to school and I'm already needing a vacation.  Well, it's because I'm already behind!  It was a little rough getting this semester started and I'm looking forward to sitting down and completing what's on my checklist.  Yay for checklists!

My friends.
I spent a few nights with Sharelle last week and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  We even had great girl talk and I appreciate how much she cares for me.  We all went to first GSU game of the season! I know it might not be anything compared to a UGA game, but man, we are proud!  We won 41-7 and we had amazing seats, my friends.  Then, a few of my other friends just light up my day whenever I talk to them.  I had the opportunity to see some of them last weekend at Gabriel Iglesias, which was by far the funniest night of my life.  

Duncan, of course.
This week because he went out of town and drove through four different states for work in three days for auditing.  Man, he was exhausted, but he did it and he said he learned a lot.  He put up with a minor freak-out I had on Thursday due to a power outage knocking out a long assignment I was doing, and still managed to surprise me with a pair of Jessica Simpson pumps that I loved but refused to get because they were over my price range for shoes (to be fair, I refuse to buy shoes that are over $30--the few exceptions are for nursing shoes, maybe sneakers, and a to.die.for pair of boots).  Now, I need a reason to wear these babies, any suggestions??  Thank you, Duncan.

For those of you who don't know or missed the post, I did start therapy in July.  I believe it was my June resolution.  Apparently many nursing students take advantage of GSU's already-paid-for-through-ridiculously-high-fees counseling services.  I love my counselor.  It's sort of weird sometimes because I'll say something then procede to explain why I've already figured it out and accepted it.  But it's nice having someone who remains 100% objective to listen to me and offer helpful, constructive advice.  And no, she doesn't simply just say "And how does that make you feel?" I feel like I'm making slow, but positive steps, especially when trying to cope with all the stress going on.


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