18 August 2011

Last day of summer

So, today is my unofficial last day of summer break.
Shocked?  Well, it's true, my friends.  Three whole weeks of summer.
Welcome to nursing school!

So, what am I doing on my last day of break?
Being the biggest bum you'll ever meet.

Duncan and I are watching movies (and movie trailers).
I've edited some pictures from our trip.
He made us some cappuccino (yes, we do miss Italy).

It's been bittersweet.  I hate knowing that tomorrow I have to wake up super early and spend the day at orientation and on Monday it all starts again.  Don't get me wrong, I love what I am studying, but man, I feel so burned out already!

Have you seen these trailers?  These are on my must-see movie list:

The Ides of March

Puss in Boots

Also, I recently bought The Help to read.  I bought in from Amazon for my Kindle app in less 5 seconds.  I had no idea what I was reading prior to purchasing it (something I've done before), but it was #1 and I had heard about it from several people.  Can I tell you that sometime people are right?  (Never movie critics, but friends definitely are.)  The movie is apparently out now, which I just found out.  So it might be added to my movie must-see list.

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