02 July 2011

Happy July!

Duncan and me at his birthday dinner downtown at Atkins Park Tavern.

June: get counseling = successful.
I did not actually start counseling because of many reasons: there was a small waiting list (I don't think I expected that) and the times I am able to meet (very limited due to school all day Mondays & Wednesdays and the hospital all day Thursday & Fridays) was difficult for them placing me with a psychologist/counselor.  But, I was able to be matched and I have my first sessions scheduled for July 12!  Tuesdays are a bit inconvenient for me because I have to drive all the way down there on my one day off, but it gives me a fabulous excuse to visit my wonderful friends downtown that I miss because I live so far away.

Here's how it went down: I went in, I filled out a questionnaire (why are you here, what services are you interested in--they have a lot of cool workshops for like communication, stress, college survival, post college survival, etc!).  Then I needed to schedule an initial evaluation with a psychologist/counselor in order for them to better understand what I am needing so they can properly place me with someone they believe can help.  It was a 30 minute session and she was to report in the next assignment session (which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday).  Once they find a psychologist/counselor that best matches my needs/wants and has the availability, they call me!

It took awhile because, again, I had limited availability.  But I got a call on the 28th, and we scheduled our first session for the 12th.  Yay.  I could really use someone to tell me how to shut my brain off at night so I can go to sleep!  Anyways, long story short, my June resolution was a success.  And the process was pretty cool.

July: rest on Sundays.
I'm super worried about this one because my brain does not rest, especially when it means I am not studying.  That's all I do, you know?  Well, my good friend inspired me to do this because she thinks it might help with my stress level (nursing students live on a constant stress level).  So, I thought I would try this.  And this apparently starts this weekend!  So I have to study study study today for my test on Wednesday!  It's for psych, too!  Isn't that funny?

Funny thing: I had the strangest dream about shooting stars... I wonder what that means?

Happy Saturday, friends. :)

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