05 July 2011

CMB: #2

I love having the time to have a refreshing nap.

My mom.
She's been in and out of town a lot.  But she is the rock in this family.

For having a stable support system in my life.
Upon enrolling in the nursing program, they make you sign a document saying that you are aware that this program will affect your relationships, that it will be difficult, we are advised to not have another job, commitments like picking children up from school have to be arranged, etc, etc.  Essentially, the nursing program is our lives and I am so grateful for having a wonderful support system to keep me sane.

For one of my good friends getting a job (especially, after just losing her last one).
Double bonus: the job is really close to where I live!
In fact, she will be a teacher at the middle school I attended.  
Hooray!  I get to see her more and have some lunches with her.  I miss her dearly.

Duncan, who had a birthday last week.
He is so modest, but he is so extremely talented and smart, it amazes me sometimes.

This semester is almost over.
One more month and I will be on vacation (more to come).

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