02 June 2011

Resolutions Update, Happy June!

My outfit yesterday: I love color!

Oops!  I realize I have been falling behind with my Monthly Resolutions!

I last updated with March's resolution to cook more.  And I have been loving all of my cooking adventures.  I truly love cooking.  I cook at least once or twice a week.  In the past week, I have cooked four times.  That might not seem like a lot to some people, but since I have two different living locations, don't have kids, and am back and forth between school, studying, and the hospital.... it's a lot!  And I love it.  I am such a foodie.  

April's Resolution: Get enough sleep.
May's Resolution: Make time to do nothing.

These two things may sound like common sense or easy things.  But my mind is always running.  If I am not studying, I feel like I am wasting valuable time.  And sleep is so important.  I never pull all-nighters, I don't believe in them.  But I'll go to bed later than I should and then I have to get up really early most mornings.  

Needless to say, I tried to incorporate these resolutions in to my months.  May's resolution came at a perfect time, it was after finals and I had time to rejuvenate before summer classes started with their tests. I have already have two... and I did well.  Yay!

June's Resolution: I am going to get counseling.

Getting rid of all stigmas, I am quite excited.  I feel like counseling can be so beneficial to many people.

My psychiatric nursing teacher said she loves seeing patients in their 20s because that is when positive changes can be made.  When you're 40 and 50, it's almost too late because life has already happened and ways have already been set.  I feel like I could use help with stress techniques, relaxation techniques, making cognitive changes, and I honestly believe my relationships with others and myself will be improved.  So, I am quite excited!

Plus, GSU has a counseling center that offers free counseling, therapeutic, and psychiatric services (& couples counseling!).  Why not take advantage of what I am already paying for with my semester fees?

Happy June, everyone!

Man, I love me some June!

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