17 June 2011

It's like Spring Break in June.

This week I have a four day weekend.  It is a break in between clinical rotations so I had Thursday and Friday off.  It is absolutely splendid.  I love it very much.  I had a test on Wednesday and that means that I have a half day.  So I went to have lunch with my second family and spend time with them.  Yesterday, I went to the movies to see a movie I've been wanting to see for awhile then I went to meet up with some amazing friends (Katie & Katie to be exact) and we saw The Complete Works of William Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Tavern.  I have no pictures of the tavern (which was built to resemble The Globe Theater), but I do have a picture from afterwards.  I had no idea what to expect of the show, but it was done really well.  A great blend of different acting and entertaining styles.  Plus, excellent food.  It was opening night, too!  A great last minute girls night pick!  Afterwards, we went to a 24-hour diner downtown and had some great conversations.  No pictures, but great company.  It is friends and moment like those that I love having, especially in between craziness from school.

I've made some realizations lately and I love when I make new discoveries.  God blesses me each and every day and my favorite days are the days when I am smart enough to realize just how blessed I am through Him.  

Here are some pictures from the past week or so:

Me, Katie, Katie.  After Shakespeare Tavern.
Took advantage of Domino's Mon-Wed deal.
The pizza was awesome: onions, green peppers, bacon!
But I though the Pizza Proverb was fun!

I bought a chocolate Easter Bunny for Easter.
It's just now getting eaten.
It's kind of creepy how happy that bunny is.

This is a picture of the FIRST tomato of the 2011 season!

I think I love Ginger Ale.
We made sure to stock up... "just in case."
It's my one soda obsession.

Also!  I am working diligently on my June resolution and have already discovered my July resolution.  I'm excited.  :)

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  1. Ha love the bunny photo! & yummy tomato...

    p.s. Liam looks like my kitty Sage.


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