31 May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a much needed "stay-cation."
I credit Duncan to the term stay-cation because I think he is the one who coined the term.  I don't remember, but I thought the term was ingenious because sometimes all you need is to just sit back and relax.  Yeah, a beach would have been nice, but not worth all the wasted hours of driving there considering I'd have to turn right back around once the weekend was over (not too mention, it would have been way more money and I am a bit of a penny-pincher).
After a long week with a test and working hospital shifts, and the previous weekend being really busy with working and a graduation, I needed a good 2.5 day weekend to do absolutely nothing except relax and enjoy myself and my surroundings.  I really didn't take too many pictures this weekend, but I will post the ones I did take....mostly of the yummy food.  I'm definitely a foodie, and I'm definitely surrounded by foodies (boyfriend and best friend are both foodies).

Since I spend the weekdays and nights downtown at school, hospital, or otherwise, Duncan and I decided on having a date night with Asian food: I picked up sushi because I have no interest in making sushi myself (I hear it's hard and more expensive to do yourself) and I made General Tao's Chicken with rice.  I love rice.  The chicken was an interesting adventure.  The sugar that we added made the chicken more like a hard candy treat after awhile.  I might have to alter the recipe if I do it again.

Saturday I slept, I did some shopping, I had a cook out with kebabs (what I deliciously call man salad because beef, potatoes, and certain veggies just combine so nicely for men).  

Sunday night was wine & cheese night with salmon and a fruit salad.
Mmm... I love wine & cheese nights. 
 The wine is from a vineyard outside of Venice, Italy.  My friend's husband is stationed there and when she went to visit him she brought back this wine for me.  It is the best white wine I have ever had.  It might just be my new favorite.  It's like juice... which is not necessarily a good thing.
Moscato, brie, pita chips, Liam.
 I normally hate salmon, but I was very impressed with my delicious (and nutritious) dinner!  And I always love loving food that I normally don't like.

Monday was lunch with my grandfather.  He's adorable and has the funniest stories.

Oh, funny story.  We had s'mores at the cook out and had everything left over so we wanted to have some more after the fire went out.  A commercial about s'mores (sponsored by Hershey's--something I had seen after I had bought all the supplies) inspired us to do it in the over.  Well, the first batched burnt practically to a crisp.  We nailed the second batch, though!