15 May 2011

First Week of Med/Surg Clinicals

 Sharelle and I in our designated nursing scrubs.

I already had general clinical rotations this past semester, and the next five weeks I will have my med/surg clinical rotations.  The hospital I am assigned to is pretty far from where I live, but it's a pretty great hospital and my good friend lives not too far away, so I can't complain.  In the first 3 days (one day in particular), I already did more than I had done all semester with general clinical rotations (partly because we were not allowed to do too many things).

I've already had some pretty difficult moments and some really wonderful and refreshing "this-is-why-I-want-to-be-a-nurse" moments.  Obviously, one would expect ups and downs with any job, but when you're job is to take care of people's lives, it gets pretty intimidating and constantly in nursing school my friends and myself have been reevaluating ourselves to make sure that this is what we want to do.  It's hard being in the hospitals with patients who are terminal with cancer or other conditions and you have to be a source of positivity even when you just don't know what else to do.

Well, enough blabbering about all that stuff.  I had a really great first week and I am only reminded about where I stand and my future.

Here's a picture taken at Sharelle's house where we were studying for our Skills Medications Check Offs.  It was intense, but we passed with flying colors!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

I have a recipe post coming up soon!