12 March 2011

Spring Cleaning Around the Corner!

So, in preparation of FABULOUS spring that is soon approaching us--did anyone else have beautiful weather today like I did?--I'm preparing for all the joys of spring: vegetable garden, feeling refreshed, not wearing sweats inside the house, being organized, getting out & enjoying the wonderful outdoors. I even have a much-needed backpacking trip to Providence Canyon scheduled.

I have several things on my to-do list:
  1. Organize medicine drawer (pretty much every drug needs to be discarded, & I'll tell you why when I have organized my medicine drawer).
  2. Add more character to my boring walls.
  3. Organize kitchen better (and figure out what things I need to always have in stock).
  4. Create a car emergency kit (I'm not always at home because of school and visiting friends and family, so it's probably good to always have some things on hand).
  5. Creating uncluttered storage with baskets---I love baskets!
Here are some wonderful organizing tips that I plan to take full advantage of:

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