06 March 2011

March's Resolutions

February Recap:
So February was mostly successful. I wasn't able to exercise 3 times a week, I think I did 2 times a week, but I biked about 6 miles each time. So, I would say that's pretty successful. The best exercise? When I was in Texas, we went for runs and walks and enjoyed the beautiful landscape. Ah, I can't wait until warmer weather for exercising and enjoying the great outdoors!

March Resolutions (& Lent):
I thought long and hard about my March Resolutions. Lent kicks off (funny phrasing for the subject matter, right?) this week with Ash Wednesday. So, I feel like maybe they could overlap, except I still haven't decided.

Resolution: cook more.

I loved cooking and throwing things together when I was in Texas. But I rarely have time to cook (or rarely have the energy) because of school, but I think I might try to more because, hey, I could use breaks away from sitting at my desk in front of the computer studying for hours.

Plus, it's a double bonus. Why eat out and buy something that costs a lot more than if I bought the ingredients and made it myself? Like, Mexican. I love me some Mexican food. But, if I search on the Internet for some good recipes, I'm sure I can come close enough to the food I can order at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Hmm.... this sounds like more of a dare than a resolution. We shall see! I'm sure I'll be posting recipes!

Lenten Resolution: I still have no clue.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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