13 February 2011

What a steal! - Hats

Today, I met my boyfriend and his family for lunch today at the always delightful Cafe Intermezzo at Perimeter. I don't have pictures today, but I had a panini (of course), the Nine Bend Black Dragon tea that was so delicious last time, and a yummy vanilla bean mousse cake. Mmm... it was soo good!

Afterwards, we did a little shopping. There were a lot of great deals today (like amazing shoes marked down from $100+ to $20-30!). Unfortunately, I have the hardest time committing to buying things.... from the mall at least (Target is always a different story for me). So, I didn't buy the shoes, but I did buy some new teas from Teavana (I love tea!) that I am eager to try.

But, I made a wonderful deal today that I would love to share. I walked in to a store in the mall and found this cute hat that I wanted to buy. It was $25.00, so I automatically put it on to try and immediately put it back before I got too addicted. After all, I may love hats, but I rarely find an occasion to wear them. However, I went to Target after the mall because I needed to get a few things for my family and myself and had a gift card I wanted to use. I found a similar style hat that I found for $25 at the mall and it was marked down to... $3.24! I was so ecstatic that I threw it in the cart and have been pondering what outfits to wear it with to make sure I get good use out of my deal.

Boy, I love Target.

What do you think?

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