05 February 2011

Weekend is here, time for good cheer?

Atlanta's own groundhog, General Beau Lee (I don't know which is better: that or Punxsutawney Phil) says that spring is around the corner... hooray!

So, my Wednesdays-Fridays are hectic, to say the least. I am not even at home for most of those days. Wednesday I have classes all day, I stay downtown with my friend, Thursday we have lab from 8am-1pm. Then I do various other things that need to be done. This typically consists of me running errands like I did this past Thursday. I got a lab coat and a sphygmomanometer (the instrument that checks your blood pressure, what you normally see when you go to the doctor every single time) and a super cute cat name badge holder for when I am in the hospital (I start this Thursday).
[Photo taken on iPhone using Instagram App.]

I joined From Aisle to Aloha's the Birthday Club because I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I sent my first birthday card last week to Ann-Margaret, a total sweetheart who I share some interests with, like TEA and PHOTOGRAPHY. Man, those are great pleasures in this girl's life. In fact, those are a big part of her life, too! She has a tea shoppe (how cute is the olde-time spelling?--yes, I went overboard there...) which I fully plan on taking advantage of. So, all in all, that was a brilliant idea for me to join & meet someone who can further my love of tea....& all the other wonderful things in life like our shared faith in Jesus.

Found this on Etsy that I thought was a delicate, feminine touch for Valentine's day coming up around the corner:
This is a Ruffled Princess Ring courtesy of CMVisionJewerly outside of Des Moines, Iowa.
P.S. I am kind of in love with the photography, as well.

Last bit of fun information, I watched The Social Network last night. I've been wanting to see it for awhile. I had a free movie rental from Amazon on Demand and I have been waiting for this movie to come out to use it. I heard great things about it, but couldn't quite understand the big to-do about it nominations-wise. Um, I understand now. I'm not sure about the Best Actor nomination, but the cinematography, the film editing, and the director Oscar nominations are pretty aptly given. I took a film class as an elective, so I tend to see things now that I never saw before (composition, editing styles, positioning, etc). I was very impressed with the editing and the cinematography of the film (something I know just everyone pays attention to, tehe). If you've seen the film, I am particularly talking about the Harvard rowing competition scene. Fellow photographers might be just as impressed. As far as the acting goes, I would say it was good and I was very impressed with how they told the story. As far as whether the film actually wins it's nominations.... well, it has some serious competition (Inception for cinematography and editing? It may not be as unique as the scene I mentioned, but it was still pretty amazing).

Overall, in my very unprofessional critical opinion, I'd give the film 5/5 stars just for the story-telling ability, 3/5 stars for how likely I am to watch the movie again.

Hope everyone has a delightful weekend.

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