01 February 2011

February's Resolutions

Happy February!
The routine is getting set by the day as one whole month of 2011
has already come and gone (can you believe it?).

January's Resolution=success. And, the point of having 12 different monthly resolutions is to become accustomed to each and every one so that I have time to put them in to a habit. In spite of having early classes and having classes all day long (in the same exact seat, room, building, ahh!), I take the time to put a little extra thought in to how I am communicating myself to others through my appearance.

February's resolution is going to be a only a smudgen similar, but only because I have yet to make this a mandatory part of my routine during school months... though I do this probably every day when I am not in school. Any guesses? Some form of exercise! No, I don't need to lose weight. In fact, I would much rather not lose weight. But, I would love to be (and feel) healthier. You can eat all the vegetables in the world, that still won't make aging feel any better with out good old movement.

The goal: I am going to aim for 3 times a week with at least 30 minutes of activity.

I have Get Fit with Mel B (yes, the former Spice Girl does wonders on my bum) that is wonderful for those days where you know you need to do some moving and working out, but whether there's actual rain or not outside, it just feels like it needs to be an indoor day. I have weights, a fitness ball, resistance bands, ankle weights, and my self. With 200 different exercises and techniques, it sure makes working out less mundane!

So, there it is, I have no excuses. Now that I'm used to my set schedule, I should know just how to work this in to my schedule. Here's to 28 days of January and February's resolutions!


  1. Sounds like a good plan. I didn't know Mel does exercises! Thanks for you kind words today on my blog :)



  2. lets go on a photo walk one day! i'd love a little exercise and i'm dying to pick your brain on some photography things (my class in may isn't coming soon enough!)


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