10 January 2011

Etsy Finds

So, I love seeing what's new on Etsy for me to [possibly] buy. Don't you? After checking out the website of a fabulous store and cafe in Savannah, The Paris Market, I am in the mood for vintage. In fact, vintage is always a delightful mood to be in. Here are my fabulous finds from Etsy today.

As a photographer, vintage cameras are always a great collectible.

Just seeing this vintage beauty makes me want to sit down with a fabulous little table and start writing the next 1950's New York Times bestseller under some fabulous pen name like Lucille Grace.

Hm... what fine china I would have stored in this reserved for entertaining only the best of guests...in which I would prepare my menu in heals, a dress, and a cute apron.

Last, these are just adorable as a vase to brighten up a room.

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  1. I discovered Etsy while planning my wedding, and now I absolutely love it!!


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