04 June 2010

Life is so wonderful now that I actually have time to enjoy it.

My boyfriend and I are enjoying the summer by taking up something I never though I would actually take up: bicycling. It's wonderful! A couple months ago I would have said that I didn't know how to ride a bike and I would stick to running. This past Tuesday, however, I got a bike (from my first Craigslist transaction). Already this week we have been bicycling twice (the first day for six miles, the second day for eight miles). Needless to say, we love it! It's definitely a gift being able to have a trail SO close to my house that we all can enjoy (my parents came with us when we went today).

I am starting school in about two weeks, so I am enjoying the break I have while it last. I have had so few weeks of break since I graduated high school: after graduation I had a strict time-consuming (but well-rewarding) job at a photographer's studio, then began college and have been taking classes every semester since (even every summer). I know I shouldn't complain because I am going to school and getting classes out of the way and it's (mostly) paid for due to the HOPE scholarship and I'm working on my future and such, but I'm not going to lie, my brain is exhausted! Hopefully, this will be my last summer, however, and I will be able to give my brain a rest and do something else, like find a job and earn some more money.

I just joined flickr, so maybe head over there to see my photostream?

Also, I am totally loving this photographer that I found.

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