07 December 2011


Yesterday, December 6th, my parents, Duncan, and I celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas.  This is a new tradition in my family, something that I expressed was very important to me as the discussion of "who is celebrating xyz where" is coming up more and more frequently now that Duncan and I are engaged.  So, I told my parents and Duncan that I was cooking dinner and baking dessert, that I bought spumante (an Italian sparkling wine similar to champagne), and I had gifts to hand out.  So, we met up at my parents and we celebrated good ole' St. Nick (sort of--er, well family).  I even contemplated putting out milk and cookies Monday night but thought that was going a little too far!  Anyways, that was my Tuesday night.

Lately, I've had a lot on my plate (hence the lack of Wedding Wednesday for a second week) and I can't wait to start getting back in to a normal routine.  But, I still have a bunch of crafts and projects planned that I will be sharing soon.  

Until then, here are some snapshots from the past week or so!  

My Shutterfly package with many Christmas presents.
A delicious cup of hot chocolate.
My very own Christmas tree.
Cheeky Liam getting in to a box with Christmas decorations. 
The chocolate mousse (with homemade whipped cream) I made in celebration of the Feast Day of St. Nicholas.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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